Here’s the TL;DR: Geoff and Aaron are incredibly attentive, caring, personal agents who also happened to get us 50k more than we thought was possible. I’m not sure I could ask for anything more.

Here’s the story: We met with Geoff and Aaron as we were getting ready to sell our first house and Geoff asked what our experience buying and selling real estate had been like. I said plainly that buying the house we were now selling was probably the worst experience of my life (we did it without an agent—got pressured, pushed around, and bullied). He promised this would be an improvement. They made a convincing presentation and are fun in a way that you want to be friends with them after the sale, but here’s the important thing they did in that meeting: They gave us realistic expectations even as they were trying to get our business. Their estimate of how long it would take to sell our house, which was a pretty odd and singular property in the area, was within a week of what happened. They also made our particular situation as easy as it could be. We had moved out, but they were at the house watering plants, picking up mail, and meeting repair people as necessary. We had someone push a BS offer for WEEKS as soon as it went to market and they dealt with that situation, knowing the specifics of our house and what kind of buyer we ultimately needed to find. Ultimately they found that buyer and the price was much higher than what we had even discussed as a top end in our initial meeting. The last thing that makes them so right for where they work is that they are so damn interested in all the history that’s in the area. The Bronx is an odd man out in New York real estate but there are so many beautiful properties and special parts of it. Geoff and Aaron can go chapter and verse on most of it. If you live in the BX and are looking to sell or you’re trying to figure where the hell in NYC you can buy real estate (it’s probably the Bronx), they will help set you up for success.

-Noah K., Seller in Kingsbridge, Bronx, 2021